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Within the next few years, a staggering 25billion plus devices will be connected to the internet. The printing industry is something of an innovator here, having been benefitting from connecting devices to networks since the very early days of the technology being available. Within the next few years, a staggering 25 billion plus devices will be […]

Ever since Mac and Dick McDonald opened the McDonalds Bar-B-Q in San Bernadino, California in 1940 – the branding we recognise today came later, in 1955 – the brand has been known for providing a fun and relaxed place to eat for all customers of all ages. With a particular emphasis on the very young, […]


The Graphium hybrid digital inkjet label press has undergone some changes recently in order to make it more flexible and adaptable to each client’s needs. The device comes from UK-based company, FFEI who are specialists in digital imaging, and it is designed for packaging, labels and speciality print. The new features that have been added […]


There are certain things that can be done in order to get the very best results in the offset printing stage. These allow for increased productivity, not to mention an increase of quality of the final product. Key Factors To Keep In Mind Feeding the paper into the machine The pallet should be unpacked in […]

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Paper manufacture is a fascinating process, whichever way you look at it. Many paper manufacturers have helped revolutionised it, especially in the field of sustainable forestry. At the forefront of paper manufacture are concerns of environmental impact. The best way to address this concern day is through the use of eucalyptus globulus tree in the […]

What is Digital Printing at The Printing Report

Printing techniques have advanced greatly over the years, and today, more and more printers are utilising methods of digital printing. Read on to find out more about digital printing and the benefits it offers. Digital printing involves printing from a digitised image. The digitised image is sent to the printer from a computer and it […]

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Every day, people are taking photos with their smartphones. Unlike the old days where we filled a camera with photos and then sent them to be developed and printed out, most of our photos these days just stay on our digital devices. Passing round a smartphone full of photos doesn’t quite feel the same as […]

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Virtual reality has finally, actually become a reality! More and more people are coming to experience these fascinating new technologies. One VR technology that is taking off is Google Cardboard. This was designed as an affordable way to experience virtual reality. It is formed of a cardboard frame containing lenses. You place your smartphone at […]

As technological skills become increasingly important in today’s society and a vital skill many employers look for, there has been an emphasis placed on teaching young children the basics of systems such as coding. Today’s adults were not taught this kind of skill in school, so it is something that the minority understand and have […]

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Printing on uncoated paper is a whole different game than printing on coated paper. Because of the properties of the surface of the paper, uncoated paper absorbs ink much more readily than its coated alternative does. This poses its own unique set of challenges, but also comes with a number of benefits. Here are some […]