We are sure that you’ll agree that everyone, no matter what their circumstances or living situation is, should have the ability to access literature and education through reading. Bookshops in locations across Spain are helping to turn this vision into a reality by creating a policy that allows its customers to decide how much they […]

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Red is red right?! Well not always. How many times printers all over the world have listened their customers’ complaints about the reds that were supposed to be more “whinish” that actually red?  Depending on the technology being used or the material being printed on, colours can appear differently from one job to the next. […]

paper cutouts

It all started about a year ago when Rich McCor began taking pictures with his paper cut out artwork, turning the Big Ben into a watch. Great Litlle Place London, a crowd-sourced recommendation website challenged him to design 10 photos for them and he decided all would include cut outs in what was becoming his […]

paper books

When the first electronic reading devices reached the shelves in the US in the early 1990s most people in the book industry saw them as gadgets that over the years would fade away. Time proved that this was not the case and slowly but gradually ebooks readers, and with them ebook sales too, started to […]

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Body painting has come a long way in the last decades and even though the artists specializing in this area try to surprise us with ever more endevaouring artworks few have gone as far as Russel Powell, a US first grade school teacher in San Jose, California, who in his spare time has developed a […]


Until recently, most printers have regarded green energy – the electricity generated from a subset of renewable resources, including wind, solar, biomass, biogas and low-impact hydropower – as a matter of social responsability or something that ressonates with customers. This type of energy, however, can be much more than that as shown by Watermill Press, […]

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Designer, photographer, passionate about art and the beautiful things in life and the world, Nuno F. Barbosa is a Portuguese designer by passion and vocation. In his relaxed style, Nuno speaks to The Printing Report about his experiences in the creative industry where paper is a fundamental and irreplaceable part of his work. The Printing […]

Since its first appearance in 1970, the Range Rover has been marketed as a mix of engineering innovation, top design and ultimate luxury and when it came to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its nonstop production, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), its manufacturer, endeavoured to do it in a way that would combine these three characteristics. […]

the smallest book

Since medieval times quite a lot of people have produced very small books for the shear pleasure of it but one Peruvian publisher, aptly named “Los Libros Mas Pequeños del Mundo” (The World’s Smallest Books) has been publishing this type of books since the 1970s for quite a different purpose, for profit. It all started […]

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Bookish hotels have come to stay. Or so it seems from the growing number of hotels with some relation to the literature world which have popped up in both sides of the Atlantic. In the US the best known is probably the Library Hotel in downtown New York, a boutique hotel with books in its […]