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Bookish hotels have come to stay. Or so it seems from the growing number of hotels with some relation to the literature world which have popped up in both sides of the Atlantic. In the US the best known is probably the Library Hotel in downtown New York, a boutique hotel with books in its […]

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Hong Kong convenience stores and the addiction to paper point cards. If convenience stores are part of today’s life in many parts of the world, they are almost indispensable in Hong Kong. Due to the lack of space, most locals store very little food or other household consumables at home relying instead in these stores for most […]


On planets, stars, galaxies and paper too! By looking at their front cover, the guides and atlases on astronomy you find in a good bookshop are much alike. The title, size and content of each one might vary but the cover will, quite likely be an image of the outer space with a planet or other space […]


The original ideas of book reading in Cluj-Napoca Every now and then there are new initiatives to promote book reading but in the Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca such actions have become almost a way of life. Even though there are still some weeks to go until the end of the year, the town, Europe’s Youth […]

Spots promoting a successful company by showing its past achievements are not a novelty but RPA, the Santa Monica, California based ad agency of American Honda. It has conceived a two minutes spot which does this in a new brilliant way and which uses paper as its main tool. Launched a few weeks ago during CBS’s NFL games, it […]

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For quite a lot of European printing companies specializing in offset, the emphasis of the recent past has been more in keeping the existing capacity busy rather than adding new capacity but as always, there are exceptions and the Dutch company Veldhuis Media is one good example of this. Specializing in sheetfed offset commercial work […]

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Until quite recently street food was just that, cheap food prepared and eaten in the streets. In recent years, however, as more and more people get interested in culinary it has also become synonymus with quality, yet affordable, dishes based on the ordinary and traditional street food! There are guides to the best street food […]

If you happened to visit the Komori booth at the latest IGAS printing show in Tokyo you could be drawn to the conclusion that the company is still very much an offset press manufacturer. Its central attraction were two impressive Lithrone sheetfed presses, an eight colour GX40RP and a six colour G40 together with an […]

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Until recently ebooks seemed to be the future of book reading. Since their arrival in the 1990s their sales did not stop growing with many people in the publishing and printing industry predicting that within a few decades physical books would be regarded as something of the past. This idea was much bolstered not only […]