For most of the 20th century, the city of Oporto had a vibrant printing sector and some of its finishing houses were regarded among the best in southern Europe for engravings, hand made stitching and other semi-manual jobs related to hardcover books. Since then a lot has changed in the printing and book publishing area […]

It all started in 2010 when Scott Ertl, a school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was reading a book while riding a stationary bike at the gym. In a moment of inspiration he thought if the kids in his school would not fancy also reading something interesting while exercising. The school’s principal liked the idea […]

The Future of Books

Both in its print and digital editions, The Economist is well known for its articles on world events, politics, and business, together with regular sections on science and technology as well as books and the arts. This alone would be enough to draw the attention of many of its readers to its recent online essay […]

From the outside, “The Drinkable Book” looks like a normal hard cover book. It’s about 3 cm thick and has 20 pages. But these pages do a lot more than convey information on sanitation. Each page also serves as a water filter, a valuable tool for preventing waterborne illness in the developing world. The idea […]


Ten years after its launch, Xerox is coming out with a new version, the fifth, of its flagship iGen high volume digital colour printing system. Even though its architecture is pretty much unchanged compared to the iGen 4 series, Xerox claims it offers productivity gains of up to 25%, thanks to savings in job set up, […]

It is well known that young kids are not that interested in reading as it used to be and it is also not a secret that disadvantaged kids, brought up in poor income environments and in many cases without one or both of the parents at home, are considerably less prone to be encouraged to […]

Sara Davies

Can you make money out of craft envelopes? Apparently not but one young UK entrepreneur, Sara Davies, has created a growing business out of them. The idea came up while studying for a business degree at York University. As part of her studies, she spent one year working for a small local company supplying products to […]

Print and email address

“Costumer” looking at a computer screen? Even though there are more and more printers implementing web to print software solutions of all kinds and trades, it seems that, at least form the customers’ perspective, the most important piece of software in web to print is the printers’ email address. That seems to be the conclusion […]


First handwritten and then printed, paper books have been around for thousands of years and even though their main purpose has always been to convey us written knowledge, every now and then they have been found to have other uses too. None, however, similar to what San Francisco based artist Alexis Arnold came up with. […]