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We review the year’s best and most innovative products and projects in print to celebrate the best innovations in print of 2018. 1# Embedding medical technologies into print advertising Ikea has run some memorably creative print advertising campaigns – notably its paper recipes. This year’s campaign to promote its nursery furniture raised the bar again […]

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Settling down with a book at Christmas is a special treat, so we’re taking a look at ten classic Christmas books that bring seasonal cheer. Could one of these books be in your Christmas stocking this year? 1. Jan Pieńkowski’s The First Christmas Nowhere is the original Christmas story more beautifully expressed than in British-Polish […]


Paper is such an important element in our lives, that it seems it has been around forever. Well… and that’s about right! The history of paper tells us the story of humanity. So, we’ve highlighted some important moments of this fundamental and lont-term relationship between men, paper and print! 35,000BC: The earliest examples of human […]


With the world’s attention suddenly focused on the need to reduce our use of single-use plastics, how can businesses switch to greener alternatives? When David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II first aired on the BBC, it raised huge public attention of an issue that has been concerning environmentalists for decades: the number of plastics finding their […]


It’s one of the most recognisable pieces of graphic design in the world, yet the man who created this iconic symbol played down his role in creating the symbol for decades. Gary Anderson was a twenty-three-year-old architecture graduate when he entered a competition run by the Container Corporation of America to design a graphical symbol […]

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To celebrate International Paper Day on November 1st, what better way to celebrate than to look at some of the best words committed to paper? We take a look at some famous pen pals and their letters – paper infused with the most moving, insightful, shocking and endearing words. Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage These […]


International Print Day, celebrated on October 17th each year, has its roots in the work of German innovator Johann Gutenberg – producer of the most famous Bible in the world and widely recognised as the inventor of the modern moveable metal typeset printing process. In fact, religious texts have played an important role throughout the […]

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Let’s celebrate the truly revolutionary spirit of paper by considering some of the huge transformations paper has bought to our societies throughout history. If a thought is worth keeping, one should put it to paper. We know this in our everyday lives from the special feeling we experience when we receive a thoughtful handwritten note […]

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These beautiful libraries and bookshops are some of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy a book. They are certainly wonderful places to celebrate the printed word this International Print Day, on October 17th. Livraria Lello, Bookshop in Porto, Portugal Livraria Lello’s thousands of books, winding staircase and quaint coffee shop draw the […]


Taking notes can be an art, and Printing Report is here to help you out. Research has shown that many people believe the physical act of writing something down actively helps them remember things. What’s more, good notetaking will also help enormously at exam time. There are several different well-recognised approaches to notetaking. The key […]