taking notes

The evidence is clear – paper notes have an important role to play for learners of all ages. Printing Report considers why students should arm themselves with a paper notebook and a pen to start the school year successfully. 1. Most people prefer to read on paper A survey in Business Optimizer found that 73 […]


The first day at school can be a scary moment, but this easy keepsake project can turn it in a sweet memory. Your future self (and the grandparents!) will thank you for the time you spend now capturing your child’s first day at school. In the years to come, you’ll look back fondly – forgetting […]


September is back to school month and time to buckle down and get serious at work after the empty office feeling of the summer vacation period. For school-age children, the transition from summer vacation to September’s back to school event is even more dramatic. The Printing Report team reviews tips for easing the transition back […]


Long car journeys, time waiting in airports or on long flights can be challenging when you are travelling with bored or restless children. But the solution needn’t be difficult or expensive – the Printing Report shows you simple solutions that require little more than a piece of paper and a pencil. If you’re travelling with […]


Keeping your children amused over the long summer holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. The Printing Report shares three simple but fun paper craft activities ideal for keeping your children entertained this summer. Each requires just one sheet of A4 paper. Make a paper fan This oh-so-easy paper project requires just one A4 sheet of […]

traval cnaps

Yes, you can upload those gorgeous beach pics to your Instagram account but, this year, why not use them to create a more permanent reminder of your travels? Create a sticker book Fab printing company Moo offers you an opportunity to give your vacation snaps a new lease of life as stickers. Their sticker books […]


We are all cognisant of the need to reduce, reuse, recycle. This simple recipe is a fun craft activity that enables you to make use of old, used paper to create lovely home-made paper for scrapbooking and craft projects. Making paper is actually a lot easier than it sounds – and it’s a fun but […]

paper kite

If you’re looking for a fun summer activity why not make this fun paper kite? It’s simple to make and lots of fun. Invite some friends along too and get making – then host your own colourful kite festival in your back garden! Making a paper kite is the ideal summer craft activity for children […]


Crime fiction is always to be found at the top of the summer blockbuster best-seller lists. We take a look at some of the best books around for magnificent beach and poolside reading. Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen If you’re travelling to the sunshine state this summer, you can’t go without reading one of Hiaasen’s […]


This week is all about the kids. Summer vacations are here and reading is good for them as is for us. But, what are the best books to keep your kids amused this summer? With large range of choice on the market, we propose you a mixture of classics and some of the best new […]