Every now and then we come across some amazing videos of marriage proposals and since recently there are even companies specializing in creating the “right” environments for such occasions but one young South Korean had a crunch idea for his proposal, and it had a lot to do with paper.

It involved sticking thousands of Post-it notes on windows of the three top floors of a high rise office building in Seoul on 14th of March (Saint Valentine’s day) with a message to his girlfriend Soojung saying “Will you marry me?”.

The idea was proposed to 3M which, together with Innored, a local high flying local digital advertising agency, decided to make a tv ad out of it under the slogan “Connecting the heart”. To place the Post-its, Innored got 300 volunteers  ultimately displaying his request for Soojung. Shortly after getting online, the ad became viral and barely and it has already over five million views on facebook and you tube, with 2,500 sharing it on facebook in just one day.