Normally, books come from trees but one book publisher in Argentina, Pequeño Editor, managed to reverse the process. Together with the local advertising group.
FCB Buenos Aires, it created Tree Book Tree, a program that involves making handsome, hand-stitched books from acid-free paper, jacaranda seeds and ecologically friendly ink. Once planted in the ground, they, eventually, sprout into a tree.

The project is designed to teach eight to twelve years old children where books come from and it is also a novel way for youngsters to learn about replenishing resources and giving back to nature. As the campaign says: “Trees and children can grow together.” The tree-book is a story titled “Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva” (My Dad Was in the Jungle) and its author is Gusti, a well known Argentine graphic artist. It tells the story, in the first person, of an innocent and funny young boy who made a real trip to the Equatorian jungle.