Wine is quite a business in Portugal. The country has tens of thousands of wine makers, from small local wineris to big multinationals, and wine production represents almost 5% of the local gdp.

Given this, it is hardly surprising that there are quite a few local publications specializing in wine and wine makers but one of them, the “Wine magazine” managed to distinguish itself in quite an ingenious way. Published since 2007, first as a monthly and later on every two months, the magazine set itself apart from the very beginning not only due to its contents but also thanks to its quite modern design which mixes titles, texts, photos, sketches and printing nets in subtle ways.

That apparently was not enough however, at least to the design department of the magazine, which last year proposed it swapping its paper base from 90 grs MWC to 90 grs uncoated woodfree. The idea behind the move was not just to further differentiate the magazine from the competition but also to strengthen its upmarket image. And it looks like it did work. According to Wine’s design director, Ana Adão, after the move, not only did the magazine sales and its advertising increase but since then other magazines in this area are also considering moving away from coated woodcontaining and woodfrees  to uncoated or very slightly coated bases.