Brazil reading habits are still far from those of more developed countries but L&PM Pocket ( Brazil’s largest pocket book publishers) and Agência África, its advertising agency, came up with an innovative campaign to increase book readership among the users of public transportation in general and the underground in particular.

In association with the São Paulo underground network, the company created a collection of 10 different book titles whose covers had a built in RFID card. Each copy came charged with 10 tripos, could be recharged online, and when you had read the ticket- book, you could passed it to a friend. To use the book as an underground ticket, all you had to do was to pass its cover in the turnstile scanner.

The campaign involved the distribution of 1500 in total, which were distributed free of charge on the 23rd of April, the world book day in Faria Lima station, one of São Paulo’s busiest underground stations. Even though the number of books distributed was symbolic, the campaign received quite substantial exposure in Brazil’s media and if that was not enough received also three “lions” at the latest edition of the Cannes advertising festival for its content.

Source: Agência África