“Costumer” looking at a computer screen?

Even though there are more and more printers implementing web to print software solutions of all kinds and trades, it seems that, at least form the customers’ perspective, the most important piece of software in web to print is the printers’ email address.

That seems to be the conclusion of a quite comprehensive 18 month study involving thousands of printers around the world carried out by digital software consultants Web2Print (W2P) whose aim was to find out who is the leader in this emerging software market.

According to Jennifer Matt, founder and president of W2P, most printing clients, if they have to consider switching to a new printer, just send their job to the email address of another printer. “Email is the global leader in web-to-print”, she says, “It remains the global leader because we, as an industry, have failed to value the most important asset we deal with every day, the customer’s time”.

Source: W2P