Can you make money out of craft envelopes? Apparently not but one young UK entrepreneur, Sara Davies, has created a growing business out of them.

The idea came up while studying for a business degree at York University. As part of her studies, she spent one year working for a small local company supplying products to the craft industry and while there started playing around with the idea of a device which could simplify the “art” of manufacturing hand made envelopes. With the help of her father and his engineering skills, she created a small fibreboard with slots which allows the making of a crafty envelope in various different shapes and sizes in a matter or seconds.

The concept was presented in a UK shopping channel in October 2005 and by Christmas some 30.000 “Envelopers”, as the device came to be called, had been sold. Ten years on, the company that she, meanwhile founded – Crafterscompanion – became a small multinational business with an annual turnover of some 11 million pounds (15,5 million euros), offices in the UK and the US and, a product range of hundreds of items, all of them related to crafting, but with one particular item – the Enveloper – still as its flagship product!

Source: The Chronicle