For most of the 20th century, the city of Oporto had a vibrant printing sector and some of its finishing houses were regarded among the best in southern Europe for engravings, hand made stitching and other semi-manual jobs related to hardcover books. Since then a lot has changed in the printing and book publishing area and quite a few of them have either closed their doors or are still operating but considerably below their capacity.

At least for Fine & Candy, however, this state of things has been a blessing. Set up in 2009 by a young designer from Oporto, Mariana Ribeiro back in 2009, this small papeterie specializes in notebooks, diaries and other “desk products” which blend innovative designs with personalized and traditional finishings, including hand painted both covers and interior pages! As a result of this, and thanks some outstanding creativity, the company’s paper products – some of which might cost over 100 euros – have become quite trendy and are already sold in some of Europe’s top department stores, including Harrod’s in the UK and Printemps in France.

Source: Fine & Candy