Until quite recently street food was just that, cheap food prepared and eaten in the streets. In recent years, however, as more and more people get interested in culinary it has also become synonymus with quality, yet affordable, dishes based on the ordinary and traditional street food! There are guides to the best street food parlours in many countries, there are sites and blogs on the matter and there are event street food festivals.

That is what drew Mirjam Letshch, a Dutch photographer and a passionate traveller to faraway places, to think about a book on the best recipes of street food in India. Mirjam, however, did not just want to publish a book. Besides her interest in photography and distant countries, she is a passionate philanthropist and works extensively with the Dunyia Foundation, a Dutch NGO dedicated to helping children and women in need in India and Vietman, and decided to devote a large part of the book proceeds to it.

Published in Dutch, the book came out in 2012 and was quite a success. So much so that it was followed by another one, also published in Dutch, on the street food of Vietnam, and then by a third one (in Dutch and English) on the street food of Kosovo. And there is already another one being prepared (in English), on the street food of Zanzibar. With excellent photographs, outstanding design (by Noella Sterck), an exquisite 120 gr uncoated woodfree paper base, good printing, and this connection to philanthropy, the books are a “must” for food enthusiasts and quite an ingenious way of contributing to a better world.

Source: www.streetfood-world.com