For quite a lot of European printing companies specializing in offset, the emphasis of the recent past has been more in keeping the existing capacity busy rather than adding new capacity but as always, there are exceptions and the Dutch company Veldhuis Media is one good example of this.

Specializing in sheetfed offset commercial work and book printing mostly for publishers, it was set up in October 2002 in Raalte, a small village some 120 km east of Amsterdam, with two second hand large format machines (one five colour Komori and one four colour Heidelberg) no finishing and a workforce of 12 employees. Since then, and just with organic growth, it has expanded to two eight and one five colour Komori presses (all of them large format and quite new), a quite impressive post press department too and a workforce of 75 employees.

According to Erwin de Lange, Veldhuis Media sales manager, the main explanation for this outstanding growth has been its investment in what the company calls “high tech offset”, a sophisticated yet user-friendly work-flow system (involving the Cerm MIS system, Agfa Apogee and Komori press management) which allows customers to interact with it online from the arrival of the job files until the delivery of the printed job. In his words, “We make no miracles, but by optimizing the online relations with our customers helps them to closely follow their jobs and interact with us as if they were next door. And that is paramount in this business”.

Source: Veldhuis