Spots promoting a successful company by showing its past achievements are not a novelty but RPA, the Santa Monica, California based ad agency of American Honda. It has conceived a two minutes spot which does this in a new brilliant way and which uses paper as its main tool.

Launched a few weeks ago during CBS’s NFL games, it features thousands of hand-drawn illustrations from various artists—filmed by stop-motion specialists PES — that show Honda’s products through the years. It opens with founder Soichiro Honda’s use of a radio generator to power his wife’s bicycle, and continues through the company’s development of motorcycles, outboard motors, street cars, race cars, airplanes, robotics and more.

The spot took months to be developed and according to American Honda its aim is not just to show Honda’s evolution but to show it in a creative way using paper,  enhacing its importance in the initial phase of each new concept in the company. Named simply as “Paper”, the spot was a tv success and even though it is not any longer in the air it continues to draw a lot of attention thanks to its Facebook and Youtube versions.

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Source: Advertising Age, PES