The original ideas of book reading in Cluj-Napoca

Every now and then there are new initiatives to promote book reading but in the Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca such actions have become almost a way of life.

Even though there are still some weeks to go until the end of the year, the town, Europe’s Youth Capital 2015, has already witnessed half a dozen such initiatives this year alone and all of them are quite creative. One of them, for instance,involved the local municipal bus company offering bus rides to anyone who read a book during their journey. Another one got the city’s buses and trams displaying inspiring quotes from classic and contemporary authors, while a third one comprised the offer of bookmarks to the general public.

Even though much of the ideas have been set up by local institutions, the main drive behind them has been Victor Miron, a local writer who, together with some friends, has deviced the concepts and then “sold” them to the municipality and other institutions. Based on the success of these initiatives, Victor now has a quite more ambitious project also related to the promotion of book reading but not only in Cluj-Napoca: persuading Mark Zuckerberg to bookface his profile picture so that some of its 32,8 facebook followers decide to start reading books too!

Source: The Independent (,