On planets, stars, galaxies and paper too!

By looking at their front cover, the guides and atlases on astronomy you find in a good bookshop are much alike. The title, size and content of each one might vary but the cover will, quite likely be an image of the outer space with a planet or other space matter in the centre of it. The cover of the French guide “Le Grand Guide de L’Astronomie” (published by Editions Atlas and printed by Pollina in France) is a good example of this but that is as far as it is similar to the astronomy books.

With 256 pages and divided in four parts – the solar system, the stars, the constellations and the galaxies – its interior makes extensive use of high resolution photos from NASA and the European Space Agency which, in many cases, occupy the whole page up to the bleed with the text inserted upon the photos. This alone is already quite unique, and also extremely challenging from a design point of view, but there is more.

Traditionally, guides with extensive use of photos like this are printed in coated paper but “Le Grand Guide de l’Astronomie” is printed in a high grammage (120 grs) uncoated woodfree paper, something that not only enhances its distinctiveness but also gives it weight and bulk.

Given the subject, all these intrinsic details and its retail price (25 euros), it seems to have all the ingredients to be a best seller in this Christmas season!

Source: Editions Atlas