Hong Kong convenience stores and the addiction to paper point cards.

If convenience stores are part of today’s life in many parts of the world, they are almost indispensable in Hong Kong. Due to the lack of space, most locals store very little food or other household consumables at home relying instead in these stores for most of their daily needs. This, together with the fact that the business is controlled by big international chains specializing in this area like 7-11, Circle K, and V>nGO, makes these stores extremely competitive. And one way of staying ahead of the store next door has to do with paper or, more precisely, with paper point cards.

Asians in general and hongkongers in particular are addicted to gifts, even if they have little or no money value, and the local convenience store chains have exploited this brilliantly. They started by offering single paper stamps or sticks in special occasions but now the stamps and sticks are offered all year round, sometimes in packs of 20 and 30 units, and a lot of them are collectable. And some of these, like the ones of Hello Kitty and other local comic characters, are so popular that there is even a second hand market for them, some being traded for quite a few hong kong dollars!

Source: Hong Kong Travel Guide