At the end of this great year of 2015, which has been the birth year for the Printing Report Blog, we would like to thank you all for your support making this project a reality.

Next year, we will continue to bring you news and information about the printing and creative industries and share with you the knowledge and experience of professionals whose stories inspire the industry.

But before 2016 arrives, take some time to know the top 3 most read articles in 2015.

1. The future of books

The future of print books is bright so they are here to stay. The upcoming years will bring an increasing variety not only of books but also of book publishing.

2. Veldhuis Media: Investment in “High Tech” Offset pays off

The Dutch printing company Veldhuis Media is one good example of how investment on optimising the online relations with their customers can really pay off.

3. New iGen with a fifth colour option

Xerox has launched the iGen 5 series. This new version has an option for a fifth colour and promises a 25% productivity increase.

Keep up with the Printing Report Blog. We are looking forward to bring you more great content about the printing and creative industries in 2016.