Since medieval times quite a lot of people have produced very small books for the shear pleasure of it but one Peruvian publisher, aptly named “Los Libros Mas Pequeños del Mundo” (The World’s Smallest Books) has been publishing this type of books since the 1970s for quite a different purpose, for profit. It all started in 1970 when Alberto Briceño started producing handmade extra small books for his relatives and friends. Shortly after he started a business specialized in this type of books which gradually became a hit not just in Peru but in other Latin American (LA) countries as well. That, alone, was quite an achievement but “Los Libros Más Pequeños del Mundo” decided to expand further, and now it publishes hundreds of titles in four languages – Spanish, English, French and Portuguese – in almost 100 countries, making it one of the most LA publishers worldwide. According to the subject, and the number of pages, the books can have various formats – the smallest of which is 1,5cm in height by 1,0 cm in width – and their prices can be as low as 3 euros.

Source: Gulf News Books