Since its first appearance in 1970, the Range Rover has been marketed as a mix of engineering innovation, top design and ultimate luxury and when it came to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its nonstop production, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), its manufacturer, endeavoured to do it in a way that would combine these three characteristics.

A film depicting the evolution of the car along these 4,5 decades would do it nicely but JLR decided to go for something bolder, far bolder, building a five meter long paper bridge in China – its fastest growing market since the 1980s – and putting a standard Range Rover (weighting 2374 kg) to cross it!

The event took place in Suzhou, nicknamed the “Venice of the East” and the bridge, which used specially designed wooden abutments to support the 53.000 sheets of various formats used in its construction, took three days to be built. The project was managed by Steve Messam, an environment artist who had already built other paper bridges, although none as long and strong as this one.

Source: Daily Mail