Until recently, most printers have regarded green energy – the electricity generated from a subset of renewable resources, including wind, solar, biomass, biogas and low-impact hydropower – as a matter of social responsability or something that ressonates with customers. This type of energy, however, can be much more than that as shown by Watermill Press, a UK printing company specializing in plain self adhesive labels.

Taking advantage of its 3000 m2 roof space, the Bradford based company swapped its grid based electricity system to one based on 750 solar panels. Taking into account the preparation work on the roof and the wiring, the new system costed 100.000 UK pounds (130.000 euros) and the payback period is estimated at 3.5 to 4.0 years. Even though the system has been designed just to provide electricity to Watermill, its performance has overpassed that and, as a result, the company is selling a small surplus to the local grid supplier. According to Dale Deacon, Watermill’s managing director, is a win win situation. In his own words “On the one hand we get positive appraisals from our customers but on the other hand this is a quite profitable investment”.

Source: Printweek