It all started about a year ago when Rich McCor began taking pictures with his paper cut out artwork, turning the Big Ben into a watch. Great Litlle Place London, a crowd-sourced recommendation website challenged him to design 10 photos for them and he decided all would include cut outs in what was becoming his trademark style.

Since then, Rich became quite an online celebrity, his Instagram account, paperboyo  having already almost 120.00 followers. Apart from the fact that most of his cut out photos use some of iconic trademarks of London and other big cities and one, or sometimes more, paper cut outs, the photos and their preparation work vary a lot. Sometimes they take just a few seconds but now and then they can take hours, including the preparation of the angle of the photo, the focal distance, the cut outs, the right light, etc.

Up to now, his art work has been carried out in Europe but Rich is planning to shoot shortly in other places too, namely in New York and Rio. According to him, “My favourite part is when people approach me whilst I’m trying to take these photos. It’s great to have likes and follows, but a real life reaction like that is so charming and somehow makes me feel less silly about spending my time coming up with ideas and cutting out bits of paper.”

Source: Mashable