Monthly Archives March 2016

In a small suburb of Toronto in Canada you will find an unusual little landmark. The structure known as The Story Pod is a tiny library which opens its doors to the public during sunlight hours using solar panels on its roof, with solar powered lights coming on at night when The Story Pod closes. […]

Mohamed Al-Fayed once stated that The Harrods “It is a special place that gives people pleasure.” And truly, this is what Harrods is all about: to give the most exclusive and pleasurable shopping experience to its customers. When you visit this grand department store in London, the first thing you notice is that nothing is […]

We are sure that you’ll agree that everyone, no matter what their circumstances or living situation is, should have the ability to access literature and education through reading. Bookshops in locations across Spain are helping to turn this vision into a reality by creating a policy that allows its customers to decide how much they […]

Red is red right?! Well not always. How many times printers all over the world have listened their customers’ complaints about the reds that were supposed to be more “whinish” that actually red?  Depending on the technology being used or the material being printed on, colours can appear differently from one job to the next. […]