These days, more and more people are turning to digital solutions for their business requirements and problems. Marketing through social media, online advertising, websites and emails are becoming increasingly popular, so much so that certain people have started to ask the question, is print dead? Now we know that this is not the case and that print media still has a lot of life left in it, offering a great deal of value to all kinds of businesses. The digital climate obviously does pose some challenges to the print industry, but it also presents a number of opportunities.

The digital world is nothing new to the modern printer as the majority of printers deal with digital files to produce their print these days, so they are certainly not behind the times when it comes to digitisation. Modern printers and vendors are familiar with working online but also have experience in working directly with customers face-to-face, building a professional relationship with them and developing their reputation in their own local market, rather than purely existing in an online space. This puts printers in an advantageous position in today’s market as they have the track record of delivering quality products personally to their customers whilst also having a comprehensive understanding of the digital world.


What further steps can printers take towards the digital?

To develop their services, printers and vendors can also start to take advantage of other online tools to complement what they already offer their customers. You may have worked with a customer on the distribution of printed materials and therefore already have a database of their prospects or clients established, from a direct mail campaign, for example. This can be used over different platforms to aid in the delivery of other marketing methods. Work with your customers to develop a marketing campaign that ties in with the print that you create for them; using the same messages, the same branding and design. You can design this campaign together and deliver it to the database you already have in place with them, delivering the message through emails or on social media for example.

Far from the digital world sending print into an early grave, it has actually opened up a number of new opportunities for those in the printing industry who are willing to adapt to new digital channels to improve or build upon the services that they offer.