At this year’s Drupa exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany from 31st May – 10th June, Xeikon will be demonstrating the potential of its first liquid toner Trillium press, Trillium One. The Belgium-based manufacturer unveiled their newest innovation at their pre-Drupa press conference in March this year and will be running demonstrations at the event in May and June, including virtual reality demonstrations. Trillium One should be available to buy in Q2 of 2017 with a price tag of around €2.5 million (£2 million).

Trillium One is aimed at the commercial and DM print sectors, targeting the same market that is currently buying the HP Indigo 10000s. Although one of these machines will cost you almost three times much as the HP model, Wim Maes, Xeikon chief executive and president of Flint Group Digital Printing Solutions, claims that it is worth the price due to the fact that it is also three times faster than the 10000s. The Trillium One is also designed to be cheaper than inkjet on high coverage print.

The technology from Xeikon will produce high quality print at high speeds, while also remaining cost-effective. It will be able to achieve 60m/min (800ppm), and Xeikon expects to go even faster than this with their technology in the future. The twin-CMYK duplex machine will use Xeikon’s existing LED imaging to create up to 1,200dpi resolution print. It is the microgapping technology of the Trillium One that lends to its high quality and high coverage, due to the small gaps between toner particles on the paper. The high speed and high quality results from the Trillium One certainly make up for the cost, making it an ideal investment for commercial and DM printers. After targeting DM, Xeikon will move on to catalogues and then new markets.

Xeikon had been working on Trillium for years before finally unveiling it this year, and they previewed the machine four years ago under a different name. The machine was developed with partner Miyakoshi, and now that Xeikon have been acquired by Flint Group, the company has greater access to customers and funding through the partnership.

Xeikon will be displaying their Trillium One at the biggest of their three tents at Drupa in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 31 May – 10 June.