While some people are eager to adopt every new technology that becomes available and completely modernise their lives, others prefer to stick with what they know and what they feel comfortable with, leaning more towards traditional tools. For example, despite all of the amazing technology at our disposal, many of us still prefer to make notes using pen and paper. Certain tech companies are becoming aware of this and attempting to adapt their offerings to combine the modern, digital technology with more traditional tools.

At CES Las Vegas, from 6th – 9th January 2016, Orée unveiled their latest technology, the Stylograph. This is a new way of making notes, combining the practicality of making notes on paper with the extra functionality and convenience that comes with digital technology. It consists of an ergonomic, copper ballpoint pen with a camera, accelerometer and gyroscope on the inside, allowing it to track the movement of your hand and wrist in order to monitor how and what you are writing. Along with this comes a leather covered ring binder, filled with paper lined with micro patterns. The binder holds 190 pages of A5 paper, which can be refilled once you have used up all of the pages.

This pen and paper, along with an app that is free to download for iOS and Android, allow you to take down physical notes and sketches while it is transcribed live onto your smartphone or tablet. The technology is extremely accurate and gives you lots of ways to boost your productivity, as making notes, sharing and saving them become much easier.

Using the app, you can instantly share your notes via email or export them in PDF or PNG format. You can archive all of your pages of notes and easily look through them using its keyword search tool, or sync them to online storage tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also change the colour of your writing if you need to highlight certain words or phrases, for example.

The only downside to the technology is that you have to make your notes using the pen and paper together, so if you ever forget one of them, then you won’t be able to transcribe notes straight to your smartphone. The Orée Stylograph is currently listed on their website as costing €300 + shipping, and then once you run out of paper you must purchase refill pages from Orée.

This new tool could be the perfect amalgamation of paper and screen, of digital and traditional, and could save you a lot of time and effort in your day-to-day life.