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At Drupa this year, attendees were able to see the new features of the Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 – a sheetfed B3 format inkjet press. This inkjet was originally announced in 2015, but has since undergone significant enhancements which were revealed at Drupa. As Canon, Xerox also launched their own B3 sheetfed inkjet press on […]

When deciding what kind of paper to print on, there is a lot to take into consideration; the differences between paper types are much more complex than they might seem. One of these differences is coated versus uncoated paper. What is the difference between the two, and what is so special about uncoated paper? After […]

Luxury Notebooks at The Printing Report

A London-based company, Inhedited, have brought something special to the notebook market. Their new collection comprises of 260 limited edition notebooks that not only bring luxury to note-taking, but also act as collectible objects based on their scarcity and uniqueness. So unique, in fact, that not one of the 260 notebooks are the same. This […]

Moleskine notepads are a popular product for boosting productivity and creativity. These traditional notepads are trusted by people in a variety of different professions. In recent years, the Moleskine brand has started to branch out on its traditional products to adopt the digital technologies of today. They haven’t done this by replacing the pen and […]