Moleskine notepads are a popular product for boosting productivity and creativity. These traditional notepads are trusted by people in a variety of different professions. In recent years, the Moleskine brand has started to branch out on its traditional products to adopt the digital technologies of today. They haven’t done this by replacing the pen and paper; they, instead, introduced revolutionary new technology to combine digital and traditional tools.

Moleskine’s newest product, the Smart Writing Set, combines the physical satisfaction of using pen and paper with the benefits provided by digital technology. It consists of three elements; a notebook, a pen, and an app. These three things combined provide almost limitless possibilities.

The notebook

Moleskine refers to the notebook in their Smart Writing Set as a ‘paper tablet’, as it is still a notebook filled with pages of paper, but the edges of the paper are rounded to give it the look of a tablet. Each page is embedded with a technology so that, when you write on the paper with the Moleskine Pen+, it can trace what you are writing or drawing, and transfer this to your digital device. It even has an email icon in the corner of the page which you can press with your pen to automatically draft an email from the pages’ content.

The pen

The Moleskine Pen+ has an infrared camera built into it so that it can track what you are writing or drawing in your paper tablet. Simply charge the pen for at least 30 minutes before using it, and then it will sense when you start writing and switch on automatically, or you can turn it on and off using the power button. Despite the advanced technology, the Pen+ is still a standard ink pen that can be refilled.

The app

The Moleskine Notes app is available to download for free, and it links your paper tablet to your device. You just need to register your Pen+, which communicates with the app via Bluetooth. With the app, the notes you make with your notebook and Pen+ are automatically archived. You can convert your handwritten notes to a digital format, tag your notes to organise them better, search through the content of your notes, share them easily in a number of formats, and edit them by highlighting or adding annotations, for example.

The Smart Writing Set is the ultimate productivity tool for working or studying, seamlessly and effortlessly combining traditional note-taking with the capabilities of modern, digital technology.