Luxury Notebooks at The Printing Report

A London-based company, Inhedited, have brought something special to the notebook market. Their new collection comprises of 260 limited edition notebooks that not only bring luxury to note-taking, but also act as collectible objects based on their scarcity and uniqueness. So unique, in fact, that not one of the 260 notebooks are the same.

This new collection is the handiwork of Inhedited’s founder, Jean-François Lanzetta. Lanzetta was inspired by his Italian heritage and the leather bags business that his family owns. As a result, the notebooks are bound in the finest Italian leather using traditional bookbinding techniques. The books are filled with smooth, hand-marbled, uncoated papers for a luxury writing experience.

The crafting process adopted by Lanzetta and Inhedited involved the leather for the notebooks being individually selected, and the marbled papers painted by hand. These techniques ensured that each notebook is truly a one of a kind. There are three collections of Inhedited’s limited edition notebooks; ‘Proa’, ‘Pervolō’ and the ‘Eight Manuscript’ series. The Proa collection comes in A5 paper, whereas Pervolō is A4. The Eight Manuscript books are a collection of eight notebooks that, when stacked together in a series, form a gold diagonal line throughout the edges of the books. This effect was individually gilded by specialists in London.

Not only do Inhedited’s luxury notebooks look spectacular, their high quality is evident throughout. These notebooks retain the practicality of your average notebooks, while offering a slightly enhanced writing experience, meeting all of your writing needs, whether on the go, at home, or in the office.