At Drupa this year, attendees were able to see the new features of the Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 – a sheetfed B3 format inkjet press. This inkjet was originally announced in 2015, but has since undergone significant enhancements which were revealed at Drupa. As Canon, Xerox also launched their own B3 sheetfed inkjet press on the market, at Drupa this year.

At Drupa, Canon unveiled their new ColorGrip technology in the i300. ColorGrip prints drops of priming liquid underneath each drop of colour ink. This has a number of implications. This printing practice means that the range of papers the i300 works with will be greatly extended, and it will also allow it to handle work of a much higher quality than was originally anticipated. The i300 boasts a CMYK system with six ink channels, with two ‘spares’, and the ColorGrip uses one channel to print its priming liquid beneath the coloured ink drops.

As well as this, Canon has displayed an enhanced CMYK ink set at Drupa, which will have a wider gamut on a greater range of media. Plus, two new finishing options were introduced; the BLM600 bookletmaking system and the Tecnau TC1530 dynamic cut-sheet perforator. The former allows the production of square-back booklets up to 224 pages thick, whereas the perforator allows the creation of horizontal and vertical micro-perfs.

The Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 is expected to cost approximately £750,000 upon its release. The Xerox B3+ Brenva HD will be a slightly cheaper but also slower alternative to the i300.

Source: PrintWeek