Virtual reality has finally, actually become a reality!

More and more people are coming to experience these fascinating new technologies. One VR technology that is taking off is Google Cardboard. This was designed as an affordable way to experience virtual reality. It is formed of a cardboard frame containing lenses. You place your smartphone at the front of the frame and, using one of the apps designed for use with Google Cardboard, you can experience virtual reality through your headset.

Users of Google Cardboard are astonished by the quality and realism of the VR technology used in the product, but the cardboard packaging itself is not all that impressive. It is designed to be basic, but this doesn’t have to mean it can’t be visually appealing to look at from the outside.

German UV-technology company IST Metz and press giant Heidelberg decided they wanted to design a more attractive and visually appealing Google Cardboard headset, to combine the amazing technology from Google with an equally amazing outward appearance. They approached Swedish company, Iggesund, makers of two of the world’s leading brands of paperboards. They targeted Iggesund’s Invercote brand as this has the high-gloss finish that they were looking for, while also being sustainable and stable. The product they chose to build their headset with was Invercote G 380 gsm.

The Invercote headset was unveiled at the Drupa print media fair this year in Düsseldorf, Germany, where they were printed on the show floor so everyone could see the process taking place. The Invercote G paperboard can be printed on to a very high quality, while still having a glossy feel to it, allowing for a quality, attractive design.

The Google Cardboard headsets are shipped as a flat pack and must be assembled by customers. So, the additional benefit of Invercote G being able to be folded without losing its integrity or cracking the surface of the board was vital to it retaining its high quality design. Customers can fold and customise the headset how they like without affecting the quality of the product.

There will certainly be further advancements in the field of virtual reality, so we will hopefully see more creative and innovative designs with products such as Invercote.