Moleskine have done some pretty impressive things with paper in the past, but they’ve really outdone themselves this time. To commemorate the release of their collection of limited edition notebooks inspired by Game of Thrones, Moleskine have also released a video which replicates the opening sequence of the hit HBO series, made entirely out of paper.

The video was created by Dadomani, a video and animation studio based in Milan. A short ‘making of’ video shows members of the team creating and positioning the 3D paper models with intricate detail. The village and fortress at King’s Landing, the main setting of Game of Thrones, were made from 7,600 paper cut-outs.

The animated video pans across the stunning 3-dimensional buildings, displays turning cogs and lowering towers, all still made out of paper. The design and animation of the video is all incredibly well done. The camera continues to zoom out of the village to reveal a 2-dimensional map of King’s Landing, which then separates out into the four notebooks which make up Moleskine’s new Game of Thrones collection.

The four themed notebooks that make up the limited edition collection all contain symbolic references to the three main families featured in Game of Thrones; Stark, Lannister and Targaryen. They have also released a collector’s edition boxset of the four notebooks that depicts the Iron Throne. Another special feature of these notebooks is that they contain previously unreleased silkscreen prints by graphic designer Levente Szabò.

The four limited edition notebooks are available with both blank and ruled pages, and they also come with Game of Thrones stickers and a family tree of the three families. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then this is a must have, either as a collectible item or to let you take notes in style.