Monthly Archives September 2016

Despite the best efforts of e-retailers, the majority of people still prefer print books over digital. Why this is this is the case is still being debated, but the numbers don’t lie and they are saying that although digital is catching up, the vast majority still prefer good old fashioned paper in their hands. In […]

3D printing has been coming on leaps and bounds in the last few years and can now do some incredible things. 3D printing mostly uses plastic and other similar materials, rather than the paper that we associate with regular 2D printing. However, this is all about to change. At Drupa 2016, Israeli company, Highcon revealed […]

This heart-warming story shows how much 3D printing can revolutionise the world. One of its latest achievements is helping a lame penguin to walk again with the help of middle school students in Connecticut. The penguin’s name is Yellow Purple, but has been nicknamed Purps the Penguin. She is a 23-year old African penguin. Mystic […]

Printing techniques have advanced greatly over the years, and today, more and more printers are utilising methods of digital printing. Read on to find out more about digital printing and the benefits it offers. Digital printing involves printing from a digitised image. The digitised image is sent to the printer from a computer and it […]