Whether you love them or not, there’s no denying that Apple are major innovators in the tech world. They are constantly coming out with new models and devices to revolutionise the way we work, communicate, listen to music, play games, and much more. Every time they announce a new product, it is exciting to see what they have to offer. So, what’s the latest revolutionary invention they’re releasing? A paper bag!

That’s right, earlier this year, Apple issued a patent for a new paper bag design. The tech giants switched from plastic to paper bags in their stores in 2016 in a move towards a more environmentally friendly experience. The bags in which you take your new Apple products home are all a part of the experience, so they can’t just be any paper bag. To maintain the unique Apple experience for shoppers, they have come up with an innovative new design to complete the experience.

The bag is made from white paper that has been produced from at least 60% recycled content, formed of solid bleach sulfate. This method of production could lead to a weaker product that could be more susceptible to tearing when used. To compensate for this, the design calls for a reinforcement on the inside of the bag, extending across a fold of the bag container.

The handle of the bag is formed by knitted paper fibres, tightly knitted and designed with a large diameter. This gives the handle an interesting feel to it similar to a shoelace, and also means it is flexible unlike typical paper handles which can be stiff, as well as rough to the touch.

The new design shows an impressive ability to produce a more environmentally friendly product without compromising the quality or brand image associated with Apple.

Source: Business Insider