Sun Chemical, the largest printing ink producers in the world, is launching a new environmentally friendly ink for pad printing, in conjunction with Coates Screen Inks, Sun Chemical’s screen printing division in Germany. The ink, TP 400 was be launched at the K 2016 show held in Düsseldorf, Germany during the week of 19 October. It is part of the SunPad range of inks from Sun Chemicals, and will be made available to purchase in one-litre containers.

The ink is compliant with regulatory standards RoHS, REACH and EuPIA, meets the EU Toy Safety Directive DIN EN ISO 71-3:2013, and also the USP Class VI – Certificate for medical applications. It is qualified to meet these regulatory standards due to the absence of several raw materials such as BPA, butyl glycolate, cyclohexanone, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Thanks to more natural ingredients, the ink from Sun Chemical is not only environmentally friendly, but also user friendly, meaning it is not harmful upon ingestion in minor amounts, in the case of absorption through food packaging or on children’s toys when they are chewed. The ink is safe to use on packaging for food and drinks such as bottle caps, for medical applications such as syringes, and also on toys for use by infants and children. It can be applied to various different substrates, including hard PVC, duroplastics, acrylic, polystyrene, metals, polyester, and varnished surfaces, giving it a great range of possibilities for use.

The motivation to produce ink of these standards came from regulatory pressure to produce environmentally and user friendly inks for certain industries such as toys and medical supplies. The results of printing using the TP 400 are not much different than using regular pad printing inks, so the quality is still maintained despite the changes.