If paper chains automatically make you think of childhood Christmasses, you’re not alone. Those exciting last few weeks of the school term, making angel costumes out of pillowcases and tinsel, and the excitement of opening doors on the advent calendar all combine to give us a real sense of nostalgia about Christmas past.

However, paper Christmas decorations are incredibly easy to make. Here are a few ideas on how to let paper decorate your home this Christmas.

#Classic Paper Chains

The easiest paper Christmas decoration of all is the basic paper chain. All you need are one inch wide strips of paper around six inches long, and a means of fastening each loop – a basic stapler, glue dots, and a craft glue stick are all quick choices. Choose an attractive patterned paper that isn’t too flimsy to hold a loop shape. You can either buy specialist Christmas craft papers, or you could have a go at making your own with ink stamps and brown Kraft paper. Simply loop your strips of paper through each other and glue or staple the ends together – remember to get the pattern on the outside, or if you were printing your own paper, you could print on both sides!

#Heart Decorations

A little more difficult than the paper chains, but still simple enough to make are single paper hearts. If you have a few strips of paper left from your paper chains, these are an excellent way to use them up and make easy tree decorations. You will need ribbon or twine for these, to have something to hang the heart, and it’s best to have a staple gun on hand to secure the top of your heart and the ribbon. Take two of your paper strips with the pattern facing inward, if you’re using paper with a single-sided pattern, and secure your ribbon, making sure that the loop is inside. Then, simply fold the two paper strips back around so that the pattern shows on the outside, and glue them at the bottom. The beauty of the heart decoration is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you like – try making a double or triple heart with different length strips of paper, but make sure your ribbon loop is long enough.

#Paper Bauble

If you have a circle punch – or are prepared to put the time in drawing around a glass – this beautiful paper bauble has a real vintage feel, and works best in high quality, stiffer papers. All your circles should be the same size, and you can use a variety of patterns, if you like, to give your bauble more variety. Fold the circles in half with the pattern inward, and glue your folded halves together, wrong side to wrong side, until you have a thick concertina stack. Glue a piece of string or ribbon along the folded edge of your papers, then glue the remaining two wrong sides together so that you have a beautiful paper bauble. These look terrific on a tree, or on a ribbon as a garland decoration.

Try experimenting with different kinds of paper, and dipping free edges in glitter glue for a really Christmassy effect.