You would think that a cook book curated by a double Michelin star-awarded kitchen couldn’t get any tastier – and you would be wrong.

Introducing: The Cooked Book Project. A cutting-edge cooked book where you – literally – eat with your eyes first. Designed to revolutionize the way we think of and consume recipe books, The Cooked Book Project is a one-of-a-kind design piece that fully immerses readers in the delicious world of food.

It all starts with the cover, which is made of home-baked bread – and yes, you can eat it.
In fact, you should it eat it if you want to open the recipe book and peruse its treats inside.

The pages, which are made of uncoated wood-free paper from Soporset, are filled with photographic recipes that recreate a full-sensory food experience for readers. Each delectable dish is penned by none other than Dieter Koschina, the chef behind the double Michelin star restaurant at Vila Joya Hotel in Albufeira, Portugal.

The unique book is the product of an appetizing partnership between Vila Joya Hotel and Ivity Brand Corp who sought to honor chefs all around the world with their creation.
“Every dish has a story which is written by the chef. So every chef in the world is a writer. Their words are the ingredients offered by nature that, when cooked, create a story, and a menu is the chef’s book, written with love,” says Ivity.

The cooked book was officially presented to the public in late September at FOLIO, the International Festival of Literature of Óbidos. This is Portugal’s largest literary festival and one of the most prominent of its kind in Europe.

With its flawless blend of cuisine and art, The Cooked Book Project has ushered in a new era for recipe books. Pen and paper now come to life with a little help from the talented hands of chefs from all over the world and create the perfect medium for food lovers to indulge in their favorite treats.

It’s time to let our food to speak for itself. The Cooked Book Project promises to take us on a visual (and tasty!) journey to bring the world’s most talented chefs directly into our kitchen.