When it comes to astonishing advances in graphics printing in recent years, Agfa leads the way with an impressive portfolio. The Belgian-German multinational company already had flat-bed presses which were the go-to replacement for existing screen printing equipment, but to add to the range of software and consumables, the new Jeti Mira, widely used to produce posters, banners, and displays is a considerable advance.

Relying on LED curing technology, the machine has an enhanced varnish option and is impressively fast, with a top speed of 231 square metres per hour. Super-large printed materials are no problem either, with a maximum width of 2.69 metres. Presented to the market as an industry leader, the six colour-printing (plus white) also has the option of a varnish or primer to secure the ink. Major features include:

• Moving gantry flat-bed printer
• Roll-to-roll printing system
• LED print technology allows printing on heat-sensitive materials
• Six-colour printing with award-winning quality
• ‘Print and prepare’ option, giving you the option of loading one side when the other is printing
• Asanti workflow software
• Integrates with the PrintSphere cloud

That LED technology makes the Jeti Mira a hit in terms of its environmentally-friendly credentials as well, not to mention being highly competitive in terms of operational costs and maintenance. If you are unsure about curing technology, and have previously used mercury lamps, you may think this is the right path for you, and the Jeti Mira offers these as an alternative. However, note that although LEDs will cost more in the short-term, the eventual return on your investment will be much higher.

The roll-to-roll system is likely to make considerable savings too, by reducing the number of blurred and crooked images, and ‘print and prepare’ mode reduces waiting time, meaning you can be extra-productive.

There isn’t much that the Jeti Mira isn’t suitable for in terms of print production; as it can print on almost anything, posters and signs are straightforward, but its real strength is in more specialist products, such as prints of artwork, and even items such as personalised mousemats!

And it’s those niche products where the curable inks really come into their own; not only can they be used on heat-sensitive materials, they are so high in pigment that ink consumption is reduced, saving empty cartridges from landfill, and saving your budget too. The primer will also help adhesion, meaning the image stays true and sharp.

Where Agfa Graphics really succeeds, however, is the seamless integration with PrintSphere, its cloud service, which makes both secure storage and file sharing easy. The best thing about this cloud technology is that customer and printer can see the same document in real-time, and your freelancers no longer have to come into your office. In fact, they don’t even need to be in the same timezone!

The future of printing is here. All you have to decide is what you want to print and where.