From time to time, I like to share the amazing artists I meet or discover online, and the amazing things they are doing with paper.

Today, let me tell you about Shamekh Bluwi. He is a visual artist and fashion illustrator who uses a surprisingly simple (and highly imitable) technique to incredible results.

Once you see what Shamekh does with paper, pencil and a blade, I guarantee you’ll want to try it for yourself.

He sketches a model, and cuts out their clothing leaving a blank space. But that description is far too prosaic. Or perhaps we have become too prosaic to appreciate it. The digital age is spoiling us, I think. In trying to imagine Shamekh’s work without seeing it, too many of us simply imagine the checkered ‘no image’ background of a Photoshop layer. The reality is so much more powerful. And that’s what it is – a reality. This art takes a piece of the world and steals it for its own.

The magic of what this man does is in what he puts behind these images.

The pieces truly come to life, as they re-contextualize whatever is behind them into a pattern on clothing. While this is a powerful technique when using still patterns or images from nature, it really takes one’s breath away when the energy of a moving scene magically becomes an evolving, living piece of illustrative art.

Some of Shamekh’s pieces rise to the levels of optical illusions, fooling the eye entirely and transcending the humble paper they are created with entirely.

OK, enough with the mystery. See what I mean here and here.