Spring has officially sprung, and that means Easter is just around the corner.

That brings the same images of painted eggs (and chocolate bunnies) to mind in nearly everyone, but the season means something special to parents: “How can I keep the kids busy during Easter Break?”

Luckily, there is one tried and true method for keeping children actively, creatively involved that also drags them away from their iPhone, gaming console, or whatever their flashing blue rectangle of choice may be – craft time!

As the kids begin to get excited about Spring as well, there are innumerable paper-based crafting projects that both reinforce the importance of the season (whatever that may be for your family), and make for hours of proper ‘quality time’ away form an increasingly digital world. We’ve included links to three videos that outline some ‘classic’ projects below:

Paper Easter Card and Mini Treat Basket

Here, Jennifer McGuire (of jennifermcguireink.com) branches out a bit from her usual card projects, showing us how to make a lovely little treat basket. This is perfect of any occasion, but at this time of the year is a natural to hold chocolates, painted Easter eggs, marshmallow ‘peeps’ or anything else at says ‘Easter basket’ to you.

Better still, this idea shows you how to make any size basket from literally any kind of card stock or colored construction paper, so you could make one large enough to hold an entire Easter’s supply of chocolates, an individual portion of treats, or even make one just the right size for a single egg – let your creativity lead you!

Four Fun and Easy Easter Cards to Make Yourself

In this video, Kirsty Robertson (who many of you will already know about) shows us everything we need to know to make four separate Easter card projects. These are perfect for ‘crafty’ grown-ups to show how much they really care, but also a great way to inspire kids to new creative levels.

Of course, you aren’t limited to the butterflies, bunnies, chicks, and other spring-time themes presented in the video. The same techniques can be adapted to any theme or special event!

Easter Egg-Themed Party Bowls

In this video, Paper Guru shows us how to make lovely little egg-themed paper or card stock bowls. These are ideal to hold party treats (as the video suggests), Easter eggs, or the slightly larger chocolate eggs available in almost any store this time of the year.

Children love projects like this, and it is a great way to get them excited about preparing for a party, or simply making hand-made gifts for friends and relatives. It might take them a few tries to make one of these that really looks ‘presentable’, but that just means more time away from the iPad, so it’s a win-win situation!

Of course, these are just ‘jumping off points’ for your creativity. There are many Spring or Easter themed projects you could get children involved in. All you need is paper and imagination!