The FESPA Awards are coming to Hamburg, Germany this year on the 10th of May. Many of you who are big fans of or active participants in the print and graphic arts industry already know this, of course, but for those of you who have missed out on this wonderful event so far we’ve put together a brief guide:

What is FESPA anyway?

FESPA is properly ‘The Federation of European Screen Printers Associations’. It is a kind of umbrella organization to which various screenprinting textile printing and digital printing associations all belong. It helps larger associations and interested groups to lend aid and expertise to smaller bodies, encouraging all to set the same standards for excellence for their members.

FESPA organizes exhibitions, conferences, and of course their annual awards ceremony to celebrate excellence in the print and signage world, and to help those interested in various kinds of graphic design share ideas and inspiration.

What are the awards for?

There are 13 categories this year, and a winner will be selected for each one. The categories are:
• Point of Purchase Products (Paper & Board)
• Point of Purchase Products (Plastic)
• Posters
• Serigraphy & Fine Art
• Decals & Printed Labels
• Special Effects (generally)
• Special Effects (T-Shirts, Garments &Textiles)
• T-Shirts & Garments
• Roll-to-Roll Printed Textiles
• Printed Products (Glass, Ceramic, Metal & Wood)
• 3-Dimensional Direct Printed Products
• Signage (Non-Printed)
• Functional Printing
• Young Stars

Getting excited? The Short List has already been announced!

Of course, it takes a long time to arrive at the winners. The long lists were developed from open voting (which has now closed – but be ready to vote next year), and the judges worked for three days to narrow it down to a short list of 5 entries for each category.

Eager to see the short-listed competitors? All 70 remaining contenders can be found in this gallery.

The winners will be announced at the ceremony in May

The awards ceremony is part of a huge gala dinner which will be held at the Grand Elysée in Hamburg on the 10th of May.

If you’d be interested in going, there are still tickets available. We bet it will be quite an evening!

And good luck for all the participants!