It has been a busy month this April. But here at the Printing Report we’ve scattered the news’ world to bring you a selection of what you need to know about the printing community this month.

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Report of print’s death was an exaggeration.

According to the latest figures from Nielsen Book Research, good old fashioned printed books are winning the race against e-books. For the second year in a row, ‘treeware’ sales have increased by a solid 7%, whilst this year’s e-book sales are 4% lower than last year’s.
However, the printed book market is still very fluid. The trade hardback and paperback market is expected to lose 3% of its value in the next year, and the STMA market a staggering 8%. This won’t erase their respective 9% and 14% gains from last year, but it would not be wise to rest on one’s laurels quite yet.


Print for profit, Digital for Growth

Wydenham Group and closely associated Rhapsody are hosting the Print for profit, digital for growth event at King Street Townhouse Hotel tomorrow in Manchester.
The event consists of a lunch and series of short talks about different marketing strategies to use for different segments of the publishing market. To learn more or to register, just click HERE.

This Monday through Wednesday will see the Inkjet Summit return to the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Florida.

This is an invitation-only summit focusing on the future of inkjet production printing, and the associated hardware, software and strategy solutions that managers and executives will need to make the most of it.
As this technology is already proving quite disruptive in graphic arts circles, almost anyone in the industry would do well to learn more about it before they have to.
There will be a particular focus on encouraging those who have recently implemented inkjet production printing solutions to share their experiences and how they overcame the challenges they faces in doing so with executives who may be planning to make that same switch in the near future.


The Canon Océ Colorado 1640 is here! So, what makes this roll-fed inkjet printer special?

Quite a few things, as it turns out.
• First, this is the first printer Canon has brought out that uses its new UVgel ink. This ink is instantly cured using integrated UV-LEDs.
• Second, improved automation make this one of the few models in its category that allow both high throughput and excellent image quality.
The first installations begin next month, so we’ll see if the 1640 lives u to these expectations very shortly!

Read more here.

HP’s HDNA-enabled PageWide T300 HD series of inkjet web presses represent an evolution of the full-colour inkjet web presses that HP introduced in 2008.

There are 3 models in the T300 series, all of which use the same HD nozzle architecture that HP hals already used in the larger T200 HD and T400 HD series.
• The T370 HD, which prints at 183m/min in performance mode or 152m/min in quality mode
• The T380 HD, which prints at 244m/min in performance mode or 152m/min in quality mode
• The T390 HD, which prints at 305m/min in performance mode or 152m/min in quality mode
Better still, owners of existing T300, T350 or T360 presses will be able to retrofit these new HDNA heads to get similar performance without replacing their (still largely new) machines.

More information here.