Hello, and May the Force be with you! As it is May the 4th, we are celebrating International Star Wars Day.

First, let’s look at the trailer for The Force Awakens, recreated entirely in paper!

We love this kind of thing! Original (well, sort of), fun, and eminently low-budget. If you have any aspiring young film makers in your circle, show them this video!

Next, let’s look at a few resources for making somewhat more intricate Star Wars characters out of paper:

Starwarigami is an excellent resource for an accomplished paper-folder to find tried and true designs for some of their favorite Star Wars characters and vehicles. There are links here for virtually anyone, some are printable and sharable, others link to instructional YouTube videos or carefully explained .PDFs.

OK, so maybe origami isn’t your thing.

Star Wars is nothing if not adaptable! Star Wars Papercraft has plenty of your favorites (mostly from the original series) in a more modern 3-D paper style. Oh, and don’t worry – the ones on the front page DO look way more detailed than an casual hobbyist might attempt. Just click a character or vehicle, and you’ll see a large list of options, from step-by-step how tos for very simple boxy models to the masterpieces you see on the landing page.

Lastly, something of a classic: How to make a paper x-wing fighter that really flies!

It looks a lot better than the one we remember from our youth as well!