For far too long, we’ve been talking about ‘Print media versus digital media’ like they were North and South, Up and Down, Left and right – 2 poles, and ‘never the twain shall meet’. The thing is, it never really had to be like that.
In fact, for many advertisers, it already isn’t.

‘Immersive experiences’ and hybrid campaigns offer something completely new to brands and consumers alike. Here are just a few examples of what we fully expect to be the new dominant paradigm of marketing.

St. Joseph’s Communications released its “2017 Print in a Digital World” trend report. There you can find the best examples of how marketeers can match and marry the exciting worlds of print and digital. At the Printing Report we’ve selected the best examples, just for you!

Immersive Experiences

•New York Times
The NYT is no stranger to the power of print. However, they hardly fear technology, and are eager to embrace new methods. When they partnered with Google Cardboard to put one million of these revolutionary little (cardboard) devices into the hands of their subscribers, they showed us all something about how print and digital media can create something new together.

• Toy-r-us
If you have children (or can still remember being one), you probably have a lot of holiday memories centered around their winter catalog. Well, their most recent ‘Great Big Toys ‘R Us Book of Awesome’ links with a free app, and offers users of both a series of augmented reality pages, and a lot of surprisingly interactive content – for a paper catalogue!

• The New Yorker
The New Yorker is also experimenting with augmented reality. Its May Innovators issue features interactive front and back covers. Both Christoph Niemann pieces come to life when viewed through the associated app.

Art not Ads

• Ikea
Yet, you don’t have to incorporate a smart phone to be revolutionary. Ikea, for example, took a page from content marketing and opted to provide more immersive literature to their customers, instead of just sales messages.

• Nando’s
Nandos produced something very tactile and physical with its PERi PERi (a portuguese sauce) thread. Just as the unique spice combination binds their menu together figuratively, a PERi PERi dyed (and flavored!) thread binds their materials.

• TAM Airline’s
As part of a very special flight, TAM Airlines coordinated with Facebook Connect to custom craft individual copies of their in-flight magazine for each passenger. Who says you can’t target finely with print?

More than Ink on the page

• Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
This was a real adventure in multimedia. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home distributed leaflets with RFID tags inside, and keyed huge digital billboards to react to anyone carrying such a leaflet. It definitely raised some eyebrows!

• Google
No one should be surprised to see Google listed for innovative approaches. Their recent Google Impact Challenge campaign featured touch-screen ‘digital posters’ to encourage participation.

•North Face
North face did something different entirely, distributing a working lantern as a magazine ad. It could be removed from the magazine, folded into a lantern and activated by adding water. Tell me you saw that coming!

It feel likes a brand new world, right!?