Ever wished you could give your eyes a rest, leave your device behind and browse the latest and best online journalism without the need to stare at a screen?

Enter Swipe: a new, free, quarterly magazine that curates the best writing, pictures and trends from the internet and publishes them in a print publication.

The Best of the Internet in Print

Swipe claims to sift through the click-bait and cat pictures to “put the best of the internet in your hands”.

It works with around 100 partner websites from which it pulls content, including Business Insider, The Pool, and Fusion to specialist sites like Wait But Why and The Quietus. Content is a mix of expert blog posts, offbeat news, the best bits from social media that you might have missed and promoted apps and offers.

A Free Distribution Model

The free print magazine is published every two weeks and then distributed in print form across London, UK, and via subscription. Distribution points include cafes, workspaces, subway stations, markets and other cultural hubs and events in and around London to reach an audience of 80,000 millennials.

With 100% of its income being generated by sponsored content and advertising, Swipe is bullish about the superiority of the printed form for advertisers, stating:

  • 63% of UK millennials use adblocking software (Moz/Fractl)
  • Adblocking usage increased 82% in the UK in 2015 (Pagefair)
  • The younger and wealthier they are, the more likely internet users are to use adblocking software (Sourcepoint/Comscore)
  • 63% of people say they trust print advertising vs just 25% for online ads (VTT)
  • 50% of clicks on ads on mobile devices are accidental (Goldspot Media)

Print, it argues, still holds major advantages for advertisers wanting to reach millennials, especially those with higher incomes. It’s also really handy on long tube journeys when you’ve left your book at home!

Source: SwipeMag