When the company that got us all email marketing starts running print campaigns, you know something exciting is happening with print.

MailChimp is a leading email marketing company and its SaaS solution, priced on a premium model, has led the transformation and digitalization of marketing globally. Now the company that got us all email marketing, has started running some exciting print-based marketing campaigns.

Which means you know it has got to be worth taking a closer look…

Print Campaigns with Agency FUZZCO

MailChimp’s latest initiative with Charleston and Portland based creative agency FUZZCO invites MailChimp users to build their own “paper buddy”, a cut-out-and-build version of the primate that features in MailChimp’s branding.

As well as cutting out your own Buddy the Chimp, you can download and cut out a variety of backgrounds and accessories for him as you explore the MailChimp website.

Print Packs a Punch

Inviting customers to create their own MailChimp-branded desk mascot might seem like a genius branding idea, but it isn’t the first great print-based campaign the agency has run for MailChimp.

In 2014, FUZZCO was recognized by PRINT Regional Design Annual 2014 for the comic book it had designed and printed for the email marketing company. The agency designed and produced a boxed set that included a printed book of the original series, the villain’s minion guidebook, a bonus one-shot story about Freddie and Mannie’s yard sale, stickers and a postcard. MailChimp sent the boxed sets out as gifts during the 2013 holiday season.

Want your own buddy? Check him out here!