Advertising agency WMcCann has received plaudits for its humorous new print advertising campaign for a new bug-killing spray in Brazil.

With mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, zika, and chikungunya on the rise, the launch of the new insecticide was very timely.  In 2016, Brazil was in the grip of a dengue fever outbreak, brought about by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that can carry dengue fever, zika, and chikungunya.

Effective strategies to kill the pests and ensure that environmental conditions, like standing water, don’t encourage them, are vital.

It was in this context that the new scentless Mat Inset insecticide was launched.  WMcCann landed on a simple but clever idea to highlight the brand proposition: a fragrance-free way to kill the mosquitos and other insects.

The agency included an insert in a number of glossy magazines which readers were encouraged to remove so it could be wrapped around the rolled-up magazine.

Creative Director, Sérgio Franco explains the campaign’s beautiful simplicity:

“After rolling up the magazine, we realized it had the same shape as our product’s bottle… There was definitely no need for technology or apps to explain a gesture that people know, such as getting rid of mosquitos with a rolled-up magazine… it is something everyone understands.”

The insert was printed to resemble the outside packaging of the Mat Inset bottle so that, with the inset wrapped around the rolled-up magazine, the magazine resembled the bottle of bug spray – which could then be used to swat mosquitos!

The tagline?  Discover two ways to kill insects.  Both are fragrance free.