Do you find trying new recipes daunting? You’re not alone. But Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA is hoping to change that.

With the goal of promoting its range of Swedish food, IKEA’s latest paper-based campaign is breaking new ground – and inviting people to step outside their normal culinary routines.

To encourage shoppers in its stores to cook something new, it has printed a selection of recipes onto baking parchment. The campaign has been designed to demonstrate that trying a new recipe can be both delicious and really easy.

Each recipe features IKEA food and kitchen goods and is designed to be super-easy to follow. Printed on baking parchment using food-safe inks, would-be chefs simply add the ingredients to the paper, using the to-scale illustrations as a guide to quantities.

Once the paper sheet has its full set of ingredients, the parchment is simply rolled and placed in the oven to bake. Inside the paper, the ingredients are steam cooked and, once baked to perfection, the paper is cut open and the recipe is ready to serve.

Recipes include Fish (salmon with lemon and dill), Meatballs (with pasta and sauce) and Crumble (with rhubarb and raspberry).

The sheets of baking parchment with the recipes printed on them were displayed in IKEA stores across Canada for Family Day in February as part of a kitchen event promotion. Shoppers could pick up a paper recipe and then purchase the food and utensils needed to complete the recipe.

The Awards

The novel idea not only saves on washing up, it is perfect for kids to follow because there are no difficult measurements – they simply add the ingredients according to the size of the shapes printed on the baking parchment. The campaign was developed for IKEA by Canadian advertising agency Leo Burnett Toronto and the agency has already picked up D&AD awards (Graphite Pencil / Integrated & Collaborative / Innovative Media / 2017; Wood Pencil / Graphic Design / Point of Sale / 2017; and Graphite Pencil / Graphic Design / Direct Mail / 2017) from British Design & Art Direction and a Gold Lion in the Outdoor category and a Bronze in Promo & Activation at Cannes.

This is not the first time, paper and food are brought together. Last Year, The Cooked book Project was launched. A cutting-edge cooked book where you – literally – eat with your eyes first. Know more here about this printed delight.